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NDS® Equine MuscleX®

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Extra help to maintain and build healthy musclemass and tissue.
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1,5 kg

NDS® Equine MuscleX® is a unique extract from an efficient and well documented Collagen peptide, to be used during physical work to strengthen and enhance muscles considerably.

Collagen in this form is an important nutrient, essential for both maintaining and building muscle mass. Amino acids in Collagen peptides contribute to support the healing of damaged tissue.

NDS® Equine MuscleX® has shown to convert up to 12% of fat into muscle mass with physical work and training.

.  Increases muscle mass
.  Converts fat to muscle during physical exercise 
.  Improves the fat- muscles ratio
.  Maintain healthy and strong muscles
.  Support the healing of tissue damage
.  Use during rehabilitation 
.  Increases fat loss more than work alone

NDS® Equine MuscleX® contains 100% Collagen peptides.

NO fillers
NO chemical ingredients 
NO synthetic ingredients 
NO flavourings 
NO colourings
NO sugars

The product is a very palatable white powder and it has NO flavour at all.

Daily maintenance dose to mix in feed (50 ml measuring spoon in container).

Horse: 3 measuring spoons* = 75 g (75,000 mg)
Pony: 1 ½ measuring spoon* = 37.5 g (12,500 mg)

*50 ml measuring spoon provided in container. 1 flat spoon = 25 g.

NDS® Equine MuscleX® has been tested in an FEI approved laboratory.


Product number: 5014