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About us and what we do

We are a Danish family run health food company founded in 1987, based in the north of Denmark. 
Engholm NDS, meaning Nutrient-Delivery-System, was formed to manufacture and supply products that aim to be the best natural supplements available. We have supplements for humans, dogs, cats and now horses. (See NDS Equine Nutrition)

NDS has grown over the years, mainly by word of mouth, and our customer base keeps growing. We can only believe they come back because they have finally found what they are looking for to keep healthy. 

We offer unique products, including a wide range of Probiotic formulas in powder form. Our research has shown that NDS in powder form is up to 20 times more efficient than in capsules. Probiotics are gut friendly bacteria and they are what support your immune system.  We currently have 14 different Probiotic products, each blended with well documented probiotic strains. They are proven to be safe and efficient. All of our Probiotics contain a very high number of friendly bacteria to make sure your body gets what it needs to make a difference. Just a teaspoon of our Probiotic stirred in a glass of water could provide with all you need for the day to support a healthy immune system.

NDS® Collagen has become a very big part of our company. The unique products we offer help support joint mobility, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles, plus skin and hair. Our recommended daily doses will provide enough to have a maximum effect. Depending on the product, our recommended daily doses are 25-75g per day. 

We have unique combined blends of Collagen and probiotic that complement each other for even better results.

Our NDS® Vitamins and Minerals have the highest absorption rate at cell level. 

We have the only 100 % BioGrown Food State range of vitamins and minerals.
NDS vitamins and minerals offer unique absorption at cell level. It means the dose is different than the cheaper synthetic types.
The body recognises what is food and therefore also recognises our vitamins, allowing for better absorption.

ImmunoX® is a multi-vitamin-mineral powder. Once you add water you will have a super energy drink. It helps safeguard the intake of the important nutrients needed. This rich and balanced formulation includes vital nutrients which may help maintain the body’s immune system. It is important to look after your immune system as it is heavily involved in helping to resist infections.  

Immubalance® is a NEW and very unique supplement. Olive leaf extract that supports and helps balancing the body’s normal immune system. It has a high content of 30% Oleuropein and 10% Oleanolic Acid.

We also carry some supplements from other companies as they suit our philosophy. 

Ainsworth: Dr Bach’s flower remedy. They use the original production methods and have kept the concentration at 1:240 as per the original recipe. It is a trusted brand that we highly recommend.

Our products are available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Ireland and the UK.